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  • Port Operations & Shifting
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why choose Mediterranean Logistic Network

Mediterranean Logistic Network was born from more than 100 (since 1906) years of experience, and from the union of four companies (GALLI, GEO TRASPORTI, PARADISO, S.A.E.). MLN boasts more than 5,000 wind turbines (transported and lifted), and it works with the largest companies in the territory. Mediterranean Logistic Network was formed as a network with external activities, and provides for Multi-discipline services.

MLN has different business cores as project cargo, shipping, heavy lift, special land transports, erection/installation, mechanical and electrical services in the field of wind power projects.

All Companies are certified as to Standards ISO 9001:2008.

More than 60 cranes, 80 exceptional trucks, 120 modular and telescopic trailers.

Main cranes : n. 1 Liebherr LG1750 91 mt. main boom 105 luffing fly with superlift, n. 1 Terex Demag TC2800/1 102 mt. main boom 60 mt. luffing fly, n. 1 Liebherr LG1550 98 mt. main boom luffing fly superlift SLK system, n. 1 Terex Demag 500/2 56 mt. telescopic 90 luffing fly with superlift, n. 1 Liebherr 500T 52mt. Telescopic boom , n. 1 Liebherr 500T 84 mt. telescopic boom luffing fly with superlift , n. 1 Manitowoc GROVE 7450 60 mt. telescopic boom 73 mt. luffing fly with superlift, n. 1 Manitowoc 16000 CC.

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